Food Safety

Raising the Bar in Almond Food Safety and Almond Quality

At Blue Diamond, we’re leading the industry in setting food safety and product quality standards that many of our competitors follow. Our premium-quality almond products, sourced only from California, are the result of industry practices we’ve established in harvesting, storing and processing. And we’re constantly improving through new technologies, updated processing machinery, and a state-of-the-art facility which recently earned the “Plant of the Year Award” from the American Council for Food Safety & Quality. So when you partner with Blue Diamond®, you can rest assured that you’re getting the safest, cleanest, freshest almond products out there.

Almond Storage Guidelines

When it comes to retaining goodness and quality, almonds top all other nuts. But we still maintain top-notch, routine safeguards year-round.

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Maximizing Almond Shelf Life

Freshness. Flavor. Aroma. Texture. We’ve unlocked the secrets of almond shelf life and gladly share this information with our trusted partners.

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