Nonpareil Jackets near Chowchilla

Blue Diamond Almonds Bloom Report – March 12th 2018

This is the final report of the 2018 bloom season. The next scheduled crop progress report will be posted on Monday, March 19, 2018. In… [Read More]

March 21st, 2018

Blue Diamond Almonds Market Update – March 12th 2018

Bill Morecraft – Senior Vice President Receipts for the 2017 almond crop trailed off significantly in February, reaching a total of 2.250 billion lbs. The… [Read More]

March 12th, 2018

Blue Diamond Almonds Bloom Report – February 28th 2018

Cold temperatures continued to slow bloom progression and limit bee activity over the past two days. Daytime highs in the Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin… [Read More]

February 28th, 2018

Blue Diamond Almonds Bloom Report – February 26th 2018

Bloom has peaked in Nonpareil and California type pollinizers amid cold temperatures this weekend that minimized bee flight in the central and southern regions. Sunday… [Read More]

February 26th, 2018
Irrigating for frost protection - San Joaquin County

Blue Diamond Almonds Bloom Report – February 21st 2018

Frigid temperatures were reported throughout the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys on Monday, February 19th and Tuesday, the 20th as a cold and comparatively dry… [Read More]

February 23rd, 2018

Blue Diamond Almonds Bloom Report – February 19th 2018

Bloom progressed rapidly Friday and Saturday as temperatures rose into the 70s. Peak bloom was achieved over the weekend in Nonpareil and its California type… [Read More]

February 23rd, 2018