The Almond Center

Almond Products


We produce millions of pounds of almonds annually, with many distinct varieties and in so many different forms—the possibilities for your applications are endless! And we’re happy to help you tap into all of them.



It’s not one-almond-fits-all. Our almond varieties mean that you get a depth of product mix so broad that no matter what your formulation, we will be sure to consistently satisfy.



Sliced or slivered. Whole or diced. Blanched or natural. We’re experts in making sure your almonds are in top form.


USDA Grades

From U.S. Fancy to U.S. No. 1 Pieces, get to know the strict standards and grades we hold every single almond to.

Almond Life Cycle

See what happens season–to–season until the moment when mature almonds are ready to become Blue Diamond Almonds.