Almond Forms


Slivered or sliced — our almonds are always in good form. But knowing which ones will be best for your formulations is a tough nut to crack. Do you go with a small or medium dice? Whole or split? And how will those decisions affect your sales? We can help you identify solutions that keep your bottom line and your consumers happy.

Blanched Whole

Available in Large and Medium

Blanched Split

Blanched Sliced

Available in Thick, Standard, Thin and X-thin

Blanched Slivered

Available in Standard and Thin

Blanched Diced Small

Blanched Meal

Blanched Almond Paste

Almond Butter

Available in Honey Almond Butter
and Natural Almond Butter


Whole Natural

Oil Roasted Whole

Dry Roasted Whole

Sliced Natural

Available in Thick, Standard, Thin and X-Thin

Natural or Roasted Diced

Available in Large, Medium and Small

Natural Flakes Small

Natural Meal Fine