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September 15th, 2021

Grown in California:
The Blue Diamond Almond Podcast

Stay up to date on the future of almonds and almond ingredients. CJ McClellan, Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing, and Elyse Stines, Go-to-Market Strategy Manager, interview industry experts and Blue Diamond thought leaders to bring you applied almond expertise and valuable insights you won't find anywhere else.

Ep. 1: The Evolution of Clean Label:
Addressing Consumer Demands

w/ Sarb Dhanjal, Carole Bingley & Sean Allen

Topics covered include consumer insights and trends, potential applications for almonds and almond ingredients, and the way the industry as a whole is moving to prioritize clean label.

Ep. 2: The Plant-Based Food Revolution:
Meeting Emerging Consumer Needs

w/ Laurie Colin, Emma Ignaszewski & Bobby McCuan

Topics covered include plant-based foods market insights and trends, industry reaction to the increase in demand for plant-based products, and potential applications for almonds and almond ingredients.